Interaction with the students at Government school, Kandamur, Nellore Rural

Interaction between drop out students during holiday period at Sriram colony South Mopur

Awareness program at Gaddagunta Allur Mandal.

Awareness program conducted and also to form fisheries co-operative society for their livelihood at Indupur ST colony Allur Mandal,SPSR Nellore District

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D. Ramanaiah interacting and motivating the drop out students to provide qualitative education and also distributing the uniform to the students.
Quiz programs are conducted and prizes are distributed to the students at NRSTC school, South Mopur Sriram ST colony.

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Awareness Program in Health and Literacy, Sriramnagar ST Colony Southmopur,Nellore District

Motivating the students, introduced English Literature program for ST Students and also teachers are provided, attended for Midday meal program and distributed new plates and other inputs to the students at Sriramnagar ST colony school, Southmopur, Nellore District

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Under NRSTC program with Vidhya voluntery S T colony students(drop out) Mulumudi village Nellore Mandal

Interaction with the Village President and others about the children and drop out students to readmit in school Education Programme and Parents meet at Tikkavarappadu Government Upper Primary School to provide quality English Medium Education with digital programmes.

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Workshop at Ascentia Technologies on English Medium in the Government schools to primary classes

Sponsored and introuced E.M to the primary classes and appointed vidhya volunteer by Amrutha Helping Hands and Interaction with the E.M students at Govt primary school Mulimudi (HW)

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Providing digital education to the students and distributing study materials at NMC Kondayapalem

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3rd Anniversary conducted by the NRST school and Amrutha Helping Hands and also distributed sleeping kits and other gifts are distributed to the students.

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Anniversary at Government Primary School Mulumudi SC colony

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